29 October Santiago de Compostela

Family traditions in Santiago…. cathedral – churros – cheese to take home – compostelas – Casa Manolo (the kids objected to changing this tradition)(the rain on the way to dinner is not exactly a tradition) The Day’s Statistics Distance: 20ish km (less if you’re a kid and stayed home while the parents ran errands!) Temperature: […]

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28 October Salceda to Santiago

Our original plan was to walk into Santiago tomorrow and then we had one more day spare for emergencies. But we made it today. This last stretch feels very familiar now. [sidebar note: the first time we walked I snapped a lovely picture of the youngest son walking hand in hand with his daddy past […]

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26 October Friol to Sobrado

Destination: Monastery at Sobrado and nothing much happened on the way. Lots of fog (see pics from previous days), lots of forest (see pics from previous days), lots of farm trails (see pics….) and a few loose dogs (no pics available sorry – we walked straight on by and left them alone….Micaiah, who was carefully […]

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25 October Lugo to Friol

What do Winnie the Pooh, Mr Tumnis, Henny Penny, the troll who went for the Billy Goats and the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood have in common? The obvious answer is that they are all characters from children’s literature. What you might not know is we walked with them all today. When we crossed […]

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24 October Castroverde to Lugo

That albergue last night was one of the “lights turn off at 10pm automatically” ones. And they turned on again at 7am. That gave everyone an hour to get ready and be out by the kick-out time, which happened to be almost an hour before sunrise.(philosophical thought of the morning: light shines most brightly in […]

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